Heeey Friends! My fellow mommies and foodies.

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Sher and I am happy that you landed here. 

I began this blog because I wanted to create a space where I can share my self-care journey with others. 

It may sound funny, but when I think about self-care I think about food. Whether it’s winding and dining at a new restaurant or eating my favorite dish, food allows me to destress. 

It took me quite a while to learn the importance of self-care. For years, I was a full-time University student, working full-time while tending to my beautiful children. This left me feeling overwhelmed at times since I was super busy with little time for myself.

It was in my final year of Uni that I realized that I need to take care of myself too. I began to develop hobbies that made me feel good about myself and trying out new recipes I found online or saw on t.v became my thing.

For me, my love for baking, cooking, and trying new recipes is how I unwind and take care of myself. 

I love trying out all sorts of new and trendy recipes. I am that person who would save a recipe I want to try on my phone, go to the supermarket, buy all the ingredients and go home and try it out (I even like adding my own special twist to it sometimes!)

As a busy mommy of 2, I know how much of a chore cooking can be.

But when we cook and bake just for fun it’s a real game-changer and can actually be quite therapeutic. 

But let’s face it, too much of anything is never good. As much as I love food, maintaining my health is extremely important to me. A year ago, I began enhancing my health by incorporating herbal teas into my diet which have great health benefits. 

Here you will find new recipes, fun reviews on the new and trendy things I am trying out, and unique self-care ideas.